Department of Fishery Microbiology:

Brief information on the department:
The Department is offering courses in Basic and Applied Microbiology to undergraduate (B.F.Sc.) students. The Department has facilities for students to specialise in Fishery Microbiology and obtain Master (M.F.Sc.) and Ph.D. degrees in this subject. The Department is the only Centre in India offering M.F.Sc and Ph.D. degree in Fishery Microbiology. The Department offers courses to Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Ph.D levels to students in various topics of fishery microbiology.
Undergraduate Courses:
  • Microbiological Techniques
  • Sanitation of Fishery Products
  • Microbiology of Fish Processing
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Microbial Toxins
  • Microbiology of Freshwater systems
  • Microbiology of Estuarine and Marine systems
  • Fish Mycology and Virology
  • Fish Immunology
  • Diagnostic Microbiology of Fish Diseases
  • Microbial Taxonomy
  • Microbial pathogens of Fish
  • Microbial pathogens of Shellfishes
  • Molecular Microbiology
  • Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

  • Ph.D. courses:
  • Microbial productivity
  • Microbial Spores
  • Microbial Biochemistry
  • Microbiology of Anti-microbial Agents
  • Automated and rapid methods in Fish Microbiology
  • Molecular Techniques in Fishery Microbiology
  • Virulence Mechanisms in Bacterial Pathogens
  • Bioactive compounds from Marine Organisms

  • The Department of Fishery Microbiology has been recognized by UNESCO as a Microbial Resource Centre ( MIRCEN ) for Marine Biotechnology. The MIRCEN at Mangalore serves as an advanced center for research and training in this area. Activities under the UNESCO Programme include International training workshops, training young researchers from other countries under UNESCO short-term Biotechnology fellowships, Hosting guest Professors, Information resource in Marine Biotechnology and Career guidance. Several young scientists from countries such as Peru, China, Sweden and Bangladesh have undergone training under UNESCO Program
    Major Research interests of the Department:
  • Development of rapid DNA based methods for detection of pathogens and application of these methods for diagnosis of diseases and seafood quality control.
  • Application of Biotechnological tools in health management in aquaculture
  • Development of immunoprophylactic agents (vaccines and immunostimulants) and probiotics for use in aquaculture systems.
  • Environmental impact of aquaculture, bioremediation of aquatic systems

  • The Department also offers short term training programmes in different areas for officers of Government Departments, Technicians from hatcheries and fish processing units and Scientists from universities and research institutions. Some of the areas in which training is offered are shrimp disease diagnosis using PCR and traditional methods, bacteriological techniques in aquaculture, Molecular techniques for rapid detection of pathogens associated with seafoods, Testing efficiency of probiotics and antimicrobial agents, Microbiological and biochemical tests of water and Short term training in Bioinformatics, development of EST bank and functional genomics.
    The Department has several ongoing projects funded by different agencies which are as follows:
    Funding Agency : Department of Biotechnology:
  • Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund: RNA interference (RNAi) as an antiviral mechanism against Hepatopancreatic parvovirus (HPV)
  • Centre of Excellence Programme support in aquaculture and marine biotechnology
  • Establishment of Indian Bioresources Information Network (IBIN)
  • Gene expression in Penaeus monodon and Penaeus indicus in relation to microbial infection and environmental stress
  • Programme support on fisheries Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics Centre

  • Funding Agency : Indian Council of Medical Research:
  • Indo-German Collaborative Project (ICMR-BMBF) : Molecular genetic characterisation of Salmonella strain associated with seafoods with particular emphasis on virulence associated and environmental fitness genes

  • Funding Agency : INDO-ACIAR NACA
  • Application of PCR for improved shrimp health management

  • Funding Agency : Indian Council of Agricultural Research
  • Development of transgene constructs with antimicrobial peptide genes and evaluation of their suitability for production of transgenic rohu