Livestock Research and Information Centre (Deoni)

CssTemplatesWeb.comDr. Biradar Satish Chandra
Farm Superintendent

Mobile No: +91-9449460352
            Dr. Biradar Satich Chandra joined this University on 13th January, 2006 and is working since then in LRIC (Deoni), before this, he worked as Veterinary Officer, Training Assistant and Assistant Professor for 03 years. He also worked as Veterinary Officer in Indian Army for 5 years.
            He has done his Masters degree from Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Barielly in the subject Livestock Production and Management and bachelor’s degree from Veterinary College, Bidar.
            He has published research and popular articles in scientific journals and has given


Mandate of the Center

                 a. Conservation and maintenance of pure Deoni breed of cattle.
                b. Carry out research on Deoni breed of cattle on aspects of nutrition,

                    health and husbandry practices, draughtability and other aspects.
                c. Demonstrate the concept of “Biovillage” to farmers with integration

                    of livestock, poultry and fisheries activities with vermicomposting and

                    Azolla culture.

                d. Demonstrate fodder and pasture cultivation to farmers and conserve

                    important fodder for grass varieties.


   Deoni breed of cattle

 The herd strength of pure breed of Deoni cattle has been

 improved with present herd strength of 46 (25 adults – 18 female

 and 11 male). After the formation of the new University, 14 calves

 of   pure   Deoni  breed    have    been

 produced.Average milk yield  of 3-4 kg /

 day is being  obtained from milking cows

 and  attention is being  given to feeding

    calves  with  milk. The  University  will  be able to supply

    pure  breed  calves  to  the  farmers in  North Karnataka



     Avian section

To demonstrate integrated livestock development, turkey and emu sheds have been developed,

in which 25 turkey ( 21 growers – white 10,

bronze 11 and 4 adults – 2

white and  2 bronze), and 2 emu  (Growers  – 1  male and 1 female are  housed.




     Two fish ponds of 65 sq m each have been developed.

    These  have  been  stocked with 2000  fingerlings  of

    common carp in January 2006. About 1000 advanced

    fingerlings   have   been   released  to a  Fisherman’s

    cooperative  to  stock  in  their  ponds  during  2006.



     Perennial grasses                                            


Grassland (3.56 ha) with improved grass varieties has

been developed . 3.06 ha is under hybrid napier cultivation and 0.5 ha is under guinea grass cultivation. Already over 1000 grass roots have been distributed to farmers in Bidar and Gulbarga districts for grassland development during 2006.


     Fodder plots                      

   3.70 ha is under sorghum (multicut),1.9

   ha is under maize. Other fodder plants

   being grown include Lucerne,

   Stylosanthes hamata and wild bajra.




     10 units of  21’ x 5’x 3’  have  been  developed  for

     vermicomposting. 3 kg  Eudrilus eugeniae have  been

     stocked in each unit. A target of 4 ton vermicompost

     production per unit /year has  been set.



      Azolla cultivation

      Feeding Azolla to cattle has been reported to increase

     milk yield. To provide Azolla for the cattle in the farm

     and   to   demonstrate   this  to   farmers, 4  Azolla

     production units of 21’ x 5’ x 1’  have been developed.




      Rainwater harvesting

      Facility for demonstrating rainwater harvesting has been set up in the farm .


      Farmer training and instructional activity
      During 2006, 150 farmers have visited the farm and obtained information and training

     on various activities that are in progress in the farm. Further the farm facilities are

     being used for training interns of veterinary course.


      For further details contact:
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